Video Strategy

Sales Trifecta

Brand Message Video/Video Business Card

Who are you? Why do you do what you do? What makes you different than the competition? Why should I work with you?

Testimonial Videos

Social Proof is one of your strongest methods of persuasion because the experience of past clients/customers speaks for itself. Many people use reviews to finalize decisions of purchases. Video works even better because the emotion is there and it’s hard to deny what you see and feel.

Promotional Videos

Designed to reach your target audience with a combination of videos to get viewers to take the action you are seeking from them.

How do we employ your services?

We schedule a meeting face-to-face or on zoom for a discovery process which helps us get a picture of your company, your goals, aspirations and pain points. We do this to ensure our research will cover the expectations for your goals of the videos assets we create. At the end of this meeting, we determine if we are on the same page and a good fit to work together. We schedule a time in a few days for a final meeting where we will discuss the strategy in full with the intention of closing a deal with your company to provide excellent service.
From here, we go do the research to identify which social medial platforms your ideal client can be found, what hours they are most likely to be online, what demographics fit your ideal client, compliance based on the products of services you offer with the platforms where ads campaigns will be run, research the industry and what your competition is doing and determine the type of promotional marketing videos will best meet your needs.
We prepare a proposal and present this during our second meeting to show the options available.
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How does this strategy work?

Your advertising campaigns will now include these videos assets to reach your audience. The visitors will visit your website or landing page as directed by the promotional video which will appear on social media in those places your ideal clients can be found spending time online.
If your company is not currently advertising we can help connect you to trusted colleagues. They can provide these services for you and if you have your own marketing team, they can implement the strategy for your company using your newly acquired library of assets.
When visitor arrive to your website, they will be able to hear the reasons they will want to work with you. As they look at the available information about your services they will find testimonials which support your claims based upon their first-hand experience.