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NOTE: There is a difference in the layout for Facbeook Business Page cover videos and other videos both in size and file type used.




Building a professional video is not an easy chore.

Building a professional video is not an easy chore. Having experienced this process with Leigh Scheidell has shown me all of the fine detail work in editing and publishing of a video. Leigh has the capability of splicing scenes, stripping unwanted noises and sounds from the sound track, and assembling a meaningful and artful video. As professionals we want these videos to do a stellar job in representing us in the best possible way. Leigh designs these personal videos to suit our needs in a very professional, capable capacity. Leigh has designed several show and tutorial videos for me with great skill, understanding, and professionalism. Leigh is a great communicator to set the details of the job securely. She gets the job done quickly and provides a polished, complete product.


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