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Success – Where Do We Go Now To Create That Path?

Success – Where do we go?

Success – where do we go after a couple of posts on this blog, we have a foundation of understanding for some basic facts about surviving depression having reviewed strategies and skills for coping. The question and next step become, where do we go now to create that path to success? How do we begin thriving and moving past the mode of mere survival of the fittest?

Much confidence is built on small successes or “wins”, as I like to call them. So, small goals which are easily achieved are a great starting place, if one is lacking much in the way of self-confidence. Surviving is the mode we’ve been in most of our lives and thriving is the state we’d like to achieve. Often, there is a big gap between those two places.

Bright Idea is where we go

Gap Between Surviving and Thriving

I like to brain-storm first. Just allow ideas to flow freely from my mind and onto a piece of paper without judgment. From this brain-storming process, I analyze how things on the list make me feel. I am looking for those things I feel so much passion about, I feel as though my soul has been set on fire. This is my calling, and most likely you will find these are your calling or purpose in life as well.

The Ultimate High is where we go

Passion and Confidence

Moving Beyond Surviving Depression to Where We Go

Once I know where my passion truly lies, I can create a business model for success that matches my personality. There are so very many opportunities in network marketing and no one, is the answer for everyone which is why we went through the process to find our passion. When you feel you have your option narrowed down to just a couple of choices, let’s look at a number of things offered with this opportunity. What is the leadership like in the organization? Are resources available when becoming a distributor? Is there a good support structure in place? Do they model success?

Through a process of elimination, I made my choice where I would begin my path to success.

Let the challenges begin. First, learn as much as you can about the products or services you will be offering to potential clients. Become familiar with the contents and any specific instructions and/or any precautions.

Where do we go

Success – Go get it

Now, I need to define myself in a way that allows others to see me and what I stand for, separate from the rest of the crowd. This process leads to branding YOU as you climb the ladder to success. You can find more about branding you under Attraction Marketing by clicking this link. http://www.leischeidell.com/attraction-marketing/

Be sure to visit this page for inspirational/motivations videos to encourage you along your journey.



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