Editing Services

Clipping one or two tiny sections from a video 30 minutes or less with explicit timing, the actual video time is $15.00. If I have to watch the video to find the clipping points, invoicing will be at $80/hr. billed to the nearest quarter of an hour.

All complex edits, (multiple changes, addition of logo, addition of text, etc.) will be billed as Video Production services. See below.


Video Production

Your non-refundable down payment, equivalent to 50% of the estimate on any work constitutes you agree to these terms and conditions.

Video Production services are invoiced at $125/hr.

A non-refundable deposit, generally one-third down, will be agreed upon and work will commence when the payment has been received.

A watermark will appear on the video during the development phase.

Be explicit in your changes. You will receive one round of revisions in this estimated cost which does NOT include changing any images once established.

Client is responsible for all proof-reading during approval for revisions. Any changes indicated after agreed finalization and approval will be at a cost of $125/hr.

Any additional changes will be billed by time spent at $125/hr. to the nearest quarter hour.

A final Video will be rendered without the watermark, an additional .FLV format video will be provided, as well as, the original .MP4. These will be emailed to the client’s account provided only upon final one-third payment and account status is paid in full. There are no refunds.


Specialized Facebook Business/Fan Page Cover Videos

Your non-refundable down payment, equivalent to 50% of the estimate on any work constitutes you agree to these terms and conditions.

These prices were intentionally set to be slightly less than regular video production services. As as added benefit, I will add your video with a clickable link to your Facebook Business/Fan Page from my website which allows me to display examples of my work.

Setup fee of $50 and additional prices as follow in details below.

Client will provide all non-royalty images for the video as well as text specifying the exact wording for each page.

If client does not provide the exact design parameters, these design services will be billed at $125/hr. (Design preparation and collection of images often take approximately 2 hours.)

Each slide may have one image on the background provided by client, 1 line of text in the same font throughout the video, and one simple animation applied consistently at a cost of $15/page (fade in/out or fly-in text are most common animation features).

If your needs vary from this, we will need to establish an estimate for services before work commences.

(For example – One FB Business Cover Page Video with slide show style within the maximums outlined details above, for 11 slides (which takes about 90 seconds) would be charged as follows:

$50 setup fee + 11 slides @ $15/slide = $165 = $50 + $165 = $215

Background videos can be used in place of slides. If you are interested let me know and I will add you to a Facebook group where I have these royalty free videos housed. For those who want a very special video, these can be purchased online with prices ranging from $80 – $200 on average. I will charge a $20 flatrate (not a running clock) for acquiring and downloading the video for you.

(A 90 second video of the type described above, typically takes 2 hours of working time to complete, including one round of minor revisions.)

Client will be provided with one video in FLV format which works best displayed from an android device, helping ensure more people are able to view your marketing video.

There are additional charges to add audio files (more if I must edit audio length to match video length), extra lines of text, more than one round of revisions or additonal images and animation features.

Images are typically, provided by the customer; however, we can provide these and do the leg-work for you to find royalty free stock images at a cost to you of $10 per image for the labor NOT the graphic.

Your finished video will be loaded to the cover of a Test Page environment in FB. You will review and indicate any revision.

When revisions have been made, the video will be posted to the Test Page again for client approval of finalization.

When I have received final payment, your video will be delivered to the email address you provide to me.


Video Business Card

Your non-refundable down payment, equivalent to 50% of the estimate on any work constitutes you agree to these terms and conditions.

Prices begin at 1,000 and this would be using quality videographers local to your area who will be scheduled to provide the filming needed.

If you would like for me to travel to your location and provide all filming services, prices begin at $2,500. ($1,000/da. for shooting -can be accomplished in one day and $500 for travel within the contiguous USA)

Closed Captioning

These services run $2/min. for videos 30 – 45 min. Videos less than 30 minutes in length have a setup fee of $25 because of the upload and video rendering time involved in producing the video with the CC.

You have a choice of many template combinations with different background and text colors and a choice of font style and size and one or two lines of text with word presentation or entire line presentations styles.

If your marketing is going to be in another language besides English, many choices are possible, just let me know; so, I can ensure it is a language recognized. There is an additional fee for this service. For a copy in English as well as another language, is physically rendered twice; therefore, will be counted as two separate videos because of processing and rendering time for each.

Your non-refundable down payment on any work constitutes you agree to these terms and conditions.


Coaching Services

I do not collect a down payment on coaching services but invoice is billed the day of service and payment due upon receipt.

Video Production coaching services are invoiced at $125/hr. and due the day services are rendered. I may require 50% down before coaching begins.

Video Broadcasting coaching services are invoiced at $125/hr. and due as agreed usually at the end of each session unless other arrangements are agreed to prior to coaching session.

For those who purchase YOUR Broadcast LIVE, one hour of free coaching will be provided in the cost of the training course to aid in  your success.

Software Training coaching services including social media platforms are invoiced at $80/hr and due the day services are rendered.