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Growth Is How You Achieve Your Desired Potential

Growth is how you achieve your desired potential.

Grow in your relationships, help others achieve their goals and you will reach your potential.
If you want to achieve any type of goal in life, you must focus on growing from where you are right now. If you do what you always have always done, you will continue to get the same results you always have.
You must learn to stretch beyond your comfort zone. You must pay attention to what and who you listen to for your growth. Surround yourself with people who help you grow.

This is a list of 15 Steps you can take to help ensure continued growth.

In any area of your life.

Motivational Change

Personal Development

1. Continually be learning on purpose
a. You must develop your skills through books, audios, videos, live or recorded webinars and/or personal growth workshops/seminars.

  1. Become aware of How you think, speak, and present yourself
    a. Replace negative thoughts with positive affirmations to negate the thoughts
    b. Speak positive words – reword everything possible from a positive angle
  2. Believe in YOU
    a. Trust yourself and your gut feelings.


  • Time for evaluation – Self-evaluation can be extremely useful. Additionally, seeking feedback from a friend can help you too. Ask them to be critical so you can grow; one’s goal should not just be interested in pats on the back, but constructive criticism.
    a. Give yourself a fair evaluation reflecting on:
    1. What could have been done better?
    2. How would you change it?
    3. What worked?
    4. What didn’t work so well?
    5. How would you change it?
  • Keep discipline with a schedule or DMO
    a. Schedule a set amount of time for tasks
    b. Stick to the schedule as much as possible
  • Find “your tribe” those of like-mind and positive
    a. Spend time with positively focused people
    b. People with goals and not just out to waste/spend time without thought.
    Daily Mode of Operation - Robo Dog

    DMO – Robotic Dog

    Changing up the old routines

  • Plan goals specifically
    a. Short range – daily, weekly, monthly
    b. Mid range – quarterly, and annually
    c. Long range – 1 year to 5 years
  • Learn to turn negative around into positive
    a. Reword things to look at them from a positive approach rather than a negative aspect
  • Grow – retrain your brain, inside out growth
    a. Personal development on a daily basis.

    Personal Growth

  • Step out of your comfort zone – expand your boundaries
    a. Talk to at least 10 new people a day. If that is out of your comfort zone, start with less and build to this.
    b. Do something different – try another strategy than you have in the past.
    Drop cards, cold calls, pull tab posts, talk to strangers and give business cards
    c. Ask for commitment to watch movie if rep prospect, get customer info, email, phone #, and connect on FB if possible.
  • List your trade-offs – then prioritize and choose
    a. Know what you are choosing and why.
    Knowing your decision

    Know what you are choosing and why.

  • Continuously ask questions?
    a. People love to talk about themselves. To build this relationship they need to know, like and trust you. To do this, you need to know and care about them and their desires, so you can help meet the needs to their problems, concerns, and challenges.
  • Find a great mentor
    a. Someone with success
    b. Someone you resonate with.


    Change Your Focus

  • Focus on the new YOU – Your Possibilities (Changes)
    a. Visualization of who you want to be as though you are already there
    What does it look like, feel like, how will you act??
    What you want to manifest


  • Focus on helping OTHERS get what they want
    a. “The more people you help achieve their goals, the more people will help you achieve yours”.

As you develop yourself and continuously contact new people to build relationships with you will develop yourself into a leader and you will build teams with people who know, like, and trust you. Are you developing warm markets by getting to know prospects or are you constantly pitching your products, services, or business opportunity to others? In today’s market people are looking to buy an experience, not necessarily a specific product. No one wants to be sold. People want to feel like they are making their own choices and if something is being constantly shoved at them, they don’t feel like they have a choice; so, if they aren’t buying from you, they are hiding from you. Just reality.

The difference between growth and development. There is one!


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