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Your timeline is a great place to begin building relationships. Be sure to keep your posting free from spam. Create an environment of fun, entertainment and value to attract more new friends. Use teaser posts that create intrigue and make people want more information.

Here are some guidelines and information about your personal timeline settings as I walk you through possibilities available.

Settings For Your Personal Timeline

How to Build a Great Facebook Group

Building a Facebook Group for networking purposes can be a super option for your business. It is also quite easy to physically create your group in a matter of minutes even with no previous experience. More on that later. You can build a group which will be a hub or community filled with your ideal clients (laser focused audience), where you will be providing engaging content for them and offering your products/services to resolve their challenges, pains, and problems and meet their needs. Ultimately you may be able to bring your customers into your business.

A Facebook Group is a win-win because you’re giving valuable tips, techniques and strategies while having fun with people.  As you get to know them and they get to know you, what we call in the business, a know, like, and trust factor, a group can be a  safe place to network with like-minded entrepreneurs while supporting their wants, needs and challenges or their dreams, aspirations and desires. In the process you are gaining lots of awesome clients.

 Okay, I get that Facebook Groups are great. What things should you consider when  building a group?

  1. Select a name congruent with your brand, mission, goals and the type of audience you wish to attract.You want people to be able to find you when then are searching for groups in your specific niche.
  2. Welcome all new members into the group. This will help your new members feel wanted and give them an opportunity to introduce themselves to the other members within the group. Also, this encourages engagement between older members with the newer ones and helps build commeraderie.
  3. Limit or restrict promotion in the group. If you allow too much promotion, then it can become a “drive-by” post and dump kind of group with no interaction whatsoever.  No one can build relationships in that type of environment, it is not fun for anyone, and it’ll turn your group into something that will be chaotic and not a supportive environment for growing. Instead, establish rules on how often people can post promotional content, and then be sure to strictly enforce the rules. You may choose to allow promotions on a single thread one day of the week, or never, or one post per so many non-promotional posts. Unrestricted promotion is not usually a good idea beyond the first few people.
  4. Post in the group several times a day at a variety of different times. This will give the new people in the group an opportunity to engage with you.
  5. Like and Comment. When people post good stuff in your group, make sure you like and comment on their posts. This encourages them to post good content, and gives them positive feedback for doing what you would like for them to do. This helps generate the kinds of content and engagement you want while also building your following.
  6. Let your family, friends and business network know about your group, and ask them to join, if it’s appropriate. It is never appropriate, however, to add people to a group without their permission. If they remove themselves, then do not re-add them. I cannot tell you how many people I’ve seen get unfriended on Facebook making this specific mistake.
  7. Create posts on your Twitter account and post them regularly.  Create a pinned tweet that advertises your Facebook group and directs follows there to build a relationship.
  8. Create posts on your Instagram account and post them regularly to your Facebook group.
  9. Thank your followers. When someone follows you on most social media accounts, thank them and ask them to join your Facebook Group.
  10. Schedule time daily to spend in your group so that you can interact with your members. The more energy you put into the group, the more energy that others will put into it as well. Give engagement and you will get engagement in return.
  11. Follow your own rules. Whatever rules you set, be sure to follow them – just as you expect other members of the group to. This will help give you more credibility and establish authority as the group administrator and a business person.

The more effort and authenticity you put into your group, the better it will do, and the more people will join and engage. It creates a force of its own and eventually will grow on its own by word of mouth advertising and people inviting friends.

How Do I Create a Facebook Group

It is easiest to create a Facebook Group from a computer using Facebook on a browser.

For the purposes of these instructions, I am using a PC on Google Chrome. Modifications may be necessary to these instructions depending upon the computer and the browser which you are utilizing.

  1. Open Facebook in Chrome and login to your account.
  2. From the blue band, near the top of your Facebook timeline, on the far right, there is a tiny down arrow icon (downward pointing white triangle) click that icon, scroll down and select Create Group.
  3. Select your group goals
    1. Connect & Share – Hobbies, Interests & Support
    2. Get Things Done – Planning & Coordinating
    3. Buy and Sell – Commerce groups
  4. Identify your group
    1. Give your group a name
    2. Add some people who have already agreed to join your group. (DO NOT ADD PEOPLE WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION). – This is equivalent to SPAM and it is one of the fastest ways to get people to unfriend you in a hurry
    3. Select privacy of group
      1. Public – Anyone can see the group, it’s members and the posts.
      2. Closed – Anyone can find the group and see who’s in it, only members can see posts.
  • Secret – Only members can find the group and see posts.
    • checkbox at the bottom to add to your favorites
    • Click the Create button


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