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What is attraction marketing?

Attraction marketing is using content which has been laser focused to draw a specific audience to you; so, they are seeking you, you are not on a hunt to find them. The idea is to create mystery in an area your ideal market would find interesting and appealing.


Who Is Your Target Market or Audience?

Some people think there products are for everyone in general, but the truth is most of the time, this just is NOT fact. Unless you know who you are selling to it will be very difficult to market to that slice of the market which will want what it is that you have to offer, be it services, product or opportunity.


Personal Branding

Why do I need this?

This method will help create curiosity and intrigue so others will want to see what you are doing. The idea is to draw them to a hub of your choice, like a FB group or a FB business page where you can develop a working relationship with these followers.

Let’s take a look at proven methods to build your business.

First – You need to brand yourself. Set yourself apart from everyone else in the industry and that is a distributor within your same network marketing opportunity. People do not buy brands and products these days. People are looking to have a relationship with you. They buy because they know, like and trust you.

    1.      Who are you?
    2.      What do you represent?
    3.      What do you bring to the marketplace?


What type of content should I create?

Two main types of content. Value and Teasers.

Value – Tips, techniques, strategies which address the problems, challenges, and concerns of your targeted audience, motivational/inspirational videos and posts which offer encouragement, engagement which gives your audience an opportunity to “be real, be themselves”.

Teaser – Designed to pique the attention of only those persons who are you targeted audience.


What do I do with the people I attract?

Once you create compelling posts you will attact prospects to your hub, whichever type you selected and when they arrive if the information within that hub matches their expectations from the attraction, they will likely join you.



Now I have a hub/community what do I do?

I have the hub and people have joined me there but sometimes there’s nothing but crickets.


From here you really want to connect with your prospects. It’s time to get them on the phone, on skype or a zoom session.

Time to make this connection even more personal than in the Facebook environment, online; so, let’s set up an appointment with our prospect.


What do I talk about and how do I learn their pain, problems and challenges as well as their goals, aspirations and dreams?

Let’s cover the styles of communication you can use to benefit the situation. Being able to match the prospect where they are will help you master most any converstaion with them.


This is where the close comes, sometimes it is to sell one of your products or services or to join your opportunity and sometimes the recommendation that matches their need is to point them to someone that has or does what meet them where they are. 

The utmost integrity will take your further than pushing your products, services or opportunity on someone who has no interest in these. Help them with their need and they will likely send others to you.



Highlight and recap of this training.

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