Course Creators

How much money will you leave on the table if you change nothing and allow another year to pass without acting?

We are ready to work with you to create professional quality videos to deliver your educational expertise on another venue to be enjoyed by more.

A customized strategy will help us with recording the course and by using an effective design we can deliver successful course material.

Schedule a free discovery meeting so we can help you succeed.

In a discovery meeting we will gather all the information necessary to create a design and organize a plan for your coursework. We will set another meeting 2-3 days out to cover the strategy to move forward.

Our next step is a meeting where we will cover specific goals, timeframes with measurable markers, expectations and anticipated time for recording.

The technical side of recording the coursework will be handled for you when local. Remote setups can be arranged when this best fits the clients needs. Time will be scheduled to decide on your studio needs, what equipment to purchase, and then time on zoom to help you set it all up and test all the equipment initially.

Once approved, all I will load all the videos to the platform agreed upon for your course. Ensure functionality of all gateways used such as subscriptions and memberships as well as financial choices for accepting payments.

If you have your own marketing team, that’s great. If not, I am part of an organization where I work with trusted Digital Marketers who specialize in using promotional video content to run your ad campaigns to get the results you will want once the course is complete and ready for the market. I connect you to work with them to provide the marketing videos you need to meet the strategy we have prepared.