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Growth Is How You Achieve Your Desired Potential

Growth is how you achieve your desired potential. Grow in your relationships, help others achieve their goals and you will reach your potential. If you want to achieve any type of goal in life, you must focus on growing from where you are right now. If you do what you always have always done, you will […]

Success – Where Do We Go Now To Create That Path?

Success – Where do we go? Success – where do we go after a couple of posts on this blog, we have a foundation of understanding for some basic facts about surviving depression having reviewed strategies and skills for coping. The question and next step become, where do we go now to create that path to […]

Surviving and Thriving

This is a synopsis of my story. I am sharing it in hopes that I can help someone else that might be living with depression, suicide or another mental illness. I want others to know there is help available to survive and you can thrive, even with a mental health diagnosis. I am a living example of “Surviving and Thriving”.

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