Lei Scheidell

Camera shy

My entire life, I personally, have been terribly camera shy and hidden from the camera. I always enjoyed being behind the camera as an amateur photographer and as this love has grown, technology has advanced, and my love in this arena has progressively led me into Video Production. I am definitely in my niche surrounded with technology and applications which are available everywhere. Providing these services to assist others keeps me happily in my home business serving those who would prefer to outsource the technical aspects of their work. I have a variety of videos on display and broken out in the different categories. You can start by clicking this link, which follows and then scroll the category list of videos.  Featured Video Samples
I began a hobby in computer programming at 16, yes for fun! If you’d like to hear a little more about my story click this link to my blog and read my pillar post “Surviving and Thriving – Overcoming Depression and Mental Health Awareness”.
As I have become involved in online network marketing and have learned about many of the available platforms which make up social media, and with technology being my first love, I began providing training for many software applications demonstrating setup and basic use.

Finding my voice

I was blessed with finding my voice and realizing one purpose for my life in December 2016. My logo is Surviving & Thriving – Overcoming Depression & Mental Health Awareness.
This logo was designed for me by my best friend, who is an artist and knows my story. Like many, I have had a rough upbringing and I am diagnosed with a few personality disorders (bipolar, borderline personality disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and a panic disorder).
In spite of many challenges in life, I use my experience to help other people. Peer counseling is what I consider what I do in assisting others. I have many years of person studies in the field of psychology. Because of my own person experience with mental health issues, I was led to learn more. I have peer counseled many friends. I am NOT qualified as a certified counselor at all and made no claims of such. Medical care is often crucial and I often recommend seeking specialized care and support, reminding them that I am only a friend to listen.

Video Production

Five years ago, video was gaining significant traction for delivery of content on social media and I was learning about marketing online as well as how to use storytelling to reach the ideal client for any niche. 
I could see many businesses were struggling to gain the visibility they needed using static content while the audiences were consuming video to get answers for everything. 
I have created a video production company starting with nothing and have now acquired over $20K in equipment, I have established a client for whom we recorded 91 videos to create a library of art lessons and activities during the course of a school year, we were able to rebranded about half of those videos for this same client creating an online art course and launched this; additionally, I directed, produced and edited a two-hour documentary covering the lifetime legacy for another client. 
Lei Scheidell – Camera Shy 2018

Continuing Education – Automatic slide show to view courses completed.