How can drone imagery, video production and a logo change your business? Drones are a novelty today which are attracting a lot of attention. Add drone videography to your video message taking advantage of this real attention getter to increase leads. Make video your visibility strategy to stand out in today’s marketing noise, since it is proven to reach far more people. Then utilize a logo for branding, including it in all advertising to help you to become more consistently recognized. These are the services we are currently offering. Below each small paragraph is a link which takes you to a page specifically with details about that service.


Video Business Card

A unique and personalized video which reaches your target audience with an authentic message about how you can help serve their needs and why they want to work with you. Designed with a strategy to increase your business' revenue significatly over the next 18 months.

Video Business Card

Video Production

Videos reach your audience with genuine authenticity and emotion which sells much more than just displaying products. We build a strategy to offer the types of videos which will best reach the clients who already know what you offer and are sold on your products or services.

Video Production


Branding is an important step in creating recognition of you, the services you provide and the way your audience sees you. I design logos especially for video clients who have not yet branded their business with a logo. The purpose is to use as a watermark in all videos moving forward.

More Logo Examples

Drone Imagery

Aerial photographs will give you a new perspective on many different tasks. Let's take a look at how perceived value is increased by using images which show you more than your immediate structure or yard, but can include being able to see the surrounding neighborhood.

Aerial Imagery

Drone Inspections

Drones can provides images or video allowing inspection jobs to be accomplished without putting humans into dangerous situations where lives are risked. Drone can be safely deployed to fly a specific mission, allowing others to safely make inspections much more carefully and safely from the ground.

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Being an amateur photographer for most of my life, I decided to try my hand at videography and have found my passion. Recently I acquired my sUAS 107 Remote Pilot Certification allowing me to pilot drones for commercial work.