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I have a question for you.

How would your company be impacted if thousands upon thousands of targeted consumers were introduced to your company and shown the highest converting content in business history? Let me answer this for you by saying your leads and sales would go up. Way up!

We care about more than just creating videos.

The truth is a video without a strategy really will not give you the return on investment you want. The reason is simple really, without a plan, and a well designed sales funnel to handle sales leads, the one off video will serve little purpose.
Any strategy needs to function like a well oiled machine. You need research to identify your ideal client, the demographics about those prospects and then advertise where they are during the times they are on those social media platforms identified, with the content which will attract their attention and get them to visit your website or landing page.
The video may attract attention, but if the website or landing page doesn’t complete the conversion process you will not gain the ROI you are looking to achieve. So if you’ve tried videos in the past and they didn’t provide the results you want, the videos may have been fine, but was your sales funnels working like the well oiled machine we spoke of earlier?

What is A Video Strategy?

Our strategies are carefully designed plans which begin with a discovery meeting, in person or on a zoom call where we learn what you do and why you do it. This helps give us a feel for you and your business. Specifically to identify your goals, your aspirations and your struggles as well as other methods of marketing you have tried. Often we reveal pain points which mean we will have need for additional videos for your website in the future as you grow. This is also a great time for us both to decide if we are a good fit to work together.
When we leave this meeting the work really begins as we do research to learn what your competition is using in marketing and advertising. We look at your website to see how effective the design and layout are. Next is more research for the demographics which will help define your ideal client’s behaviors online. Based upon the social media platforms you utilize, we will begin to determine what types of content will best fit your business’ needs and appeal to your prospective customers. Once we have a full strategy developed, we will get together again so we can present a proposal which meets the exact goals and provides the solutions which will give you the results you need.
Our most popular starting point is called a sales trifecta. We develop the above strategy and then create an effective Video Business Card which will range in length from 1.5 to 2.5 minutes, 2 testimonial videos from past customers at 1 to 1.5 minutes in length and 4 promotional videos at 30 to 60 seconds each to put this complete strategy into motion.

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If you are already spending money marketing, and you’re not getting the results you want, let’s take a look at tailoring a strategy to increase your ROI and increase your bottom dollar.

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